Adventures with shoelaces and X-ray machines

Two Egyptian Maus, one post. King Kong time!

Two Egyptian Maus, one post. King Kong time!

Well, after 4-5 months, the two cats still fight every night. Wintermuse hisses and growls at Solstice. He often starts it because he wants to play. I can’t fairly separate them, so it is what it is. A few other facts to note:

1) Solstice swallowed a 6 inch shoelace before I could snatch it from his mouth. I called the vet a few times, and they told me to wait to see if he passed it. I sifted through his feces for a few days. It was awesome. (No, it wasn’t.) He passed a few fragments, then the main piece in a big bloody mucus-y stool. I called the vet again. They said it was probably okay but to watch him. His stools were fine and blood-free after, and he was happy as a clam. Ironically, the string he chewed through was one we used to tie our cleaning supply cabinet shut. So, in our attempt to stop him from drinking bleach, he ate a string. That crazy cat. I love him anyway.

He is getting bigger. He has a lynx-like look to him with a fuller face and a thick tail with a round tip. It’s very cute. Different than my elegant Wintermuse.

2) Wintermuse had to go to the vet, too. She’s been coughing for about two months. She always coughs for a week or two at the change of the seasons, so we let it go for awhile. She passed a hairball, and we thought, ah, she’s just coughing because she’s grooming two cats now. But then there were no more hairballs, and she was still coughing, multiple times a day. We tried a ten-day regimen of Zyrtec for her allergies. We gave her wheatgrass for fiber. Hairball supplements. I even smeared butter on her paw. She hated that! Sometimes the coughing would stop, but it always returned.

This week, she coughed five times in one day before noon. I called the vet. Enough was enough.

Our doctor had two suggestions: give her chlorotrimeton (a stronger antihistamine) or X-ray her for feline asthma or bronchitis. I asked if she had to be sedated for X-rays. She said she did not – they would gently nestle her in a foam trough, and it’d be quick and easy.

I laughed. “Try it.”

They did. Ten minutes passed. She came back and said it was not going so well. I asked if anyone was dead yet. She said none of her technicians were bleeding, but she better go check on them.

Another ten minutes passed. The vet slinks back in, shoulders slouched. “So, you’re cat is fine, but….”


“But she’s in the X-ray machine.”

“That’s good, right?”

“No, I mean she’s inside the machine. It had small holes on the sides for cables. And she climbed into them. She’s sitting inside our X-ray machine, and we can’t get her out. We have all our technicians back there, and we’re looking for a screwdriver.”

“Well… did you get the X-ray?”


“Do you want some cat treats?”


I gave her a handful of cat treats to lure Wintermuse out. She disappeared. Eventually, a tech came back with my cat. “Well, we learned a lot about our X-ray machine today.” Yes, they really had to take it apart to get her out. Wintermuse looked pretty smug in her carrier. Of course, all the cat treats were gone. 😉

Hopefully, the antihistamine helps her, because otherwise, the X-ray will not be optional.

Cats. They’re crazy.


Egyptian Mau kitten watches dad play the bass

Solstice watches dad play the bass

Update: Less than two weeks later, Solstice ate another 12 inches of shoelace. I found out when he vomited it on my rug. We measured the pieces and decided that he forced most or all of it up. Wintermuse is still coughing.


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