Choosing a cat breed, Part 1

Now that we could get a cat, the next question was “What kind of cat did we want?”.

Lou and I love animals in general so we’re frequently at zoos and looking at and Our favorite local zoo, Space Farms in Sussex, NJ, had had both lynx kittens and bobcat kittens this past summer. The lynxes were adorable, with giant, whompy paws that they used to play peekaboo with each other. Despite both being the size of a small dog, they attempted to stalk the tiny flies on their food. Have I also mentioned their darling little ear tufts?

Lynx kittens at Space Farms

Lynx kittens at Space Farms. One is on caffeine, the other valium.

Lynx kittens waiting to do mischief

Lynx kittens stepping on each other

The bobcat, on the other hand, was the size of a young cat yet infinitely more dangerous-looking. It licked its paw while looking at you sideways with a glint that said, “I would cut you in a dark alley.”

We had also recently gone to the San Diego zoo and hung out with a lot of wild animals through their Backstage Pass. We spent an hour a few feet away from trainers with a wolf, cheetah, serval, zebra, donkey, ostrich, bearcat, rhino, and more. We got to feed the rhino and the bearcat, as well as pet a lot of the other animals. It was great.

Seeing servals and cheetahs up close put wild cats on my brain even more. I was already familiar with savannah cats, a mix of serval and domestic cat that was now a valid domestic breed.

Fishing serval

Fishing serval

Serval at attention

Serval at attention

Before Christmas, I started looking at bengals for fun. They’re very wild-looking, similar to a small serval, as they are descended from the Asian leopard cat. I liked the idea of a little tiger strolling around my house like he owned the place.

Then somewhere along the way, some blog or tumblr or OS introduced me to snow leopards.

Snow leopards are gorgeous. Adorable. Regal. They have giant puffy tails. They’re so awesome they have their own genus and species – Uncia Uncia – that undoubtedly inspired thousands of techno beats (oonts oonts oonts). Snow Leopard Snow Leopard

When I googled “cat looks like snow leopard”, the internet told me that a silver bengal had a 99% chance of rocking my world.


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