Day 28: Wintermuse napping with her paws up

Sleeping in the princess bed

Sleeping in the princess bed

Who falls asleep with their paws in the air? I mean, really.

It’s now fall. We had a good summer, but with the temperature dropping, Wintermuse is coughing again. Just one cough every other day, but it is back. On wet days, she coughs more. If the weather suddenly gets cold, she coughs more. It’s peculiar to me. I see a clear pattern but there’s nothing about it that makes sense. Why would wet air make her cough more? Dry air is what usually bothers people, as the drying out of the mucus membranes leaves them fragile and vulnerable. All I can think of is that wet air transports mold or pollen better. Maybe it’s an allergy. Her best time is high summer when the air is humid but hot but not rainy. If it is cold, she’s uncomfortable. If it rains, she coughs.

But beyond the coughing, she continues to be sweet. It’s like a switch flipped in her in August, and she went back to being some of the Wintermuse we knew before Solstice. She winds, she nips at my ankles, she asks for toys and plays. She is still mostly silent, though. She used to meow and mrr and chitter all the time, but now she’ll make a noise once or twice a week. Solstice has a full orchestra going every day, in contrast. If he’s alone in the hallway, he’ll howl and wail and pine. If he wants to play, he’ll meow while pawing his toy. If he’s hungry and I’m not getting out of bed fast enough, he’ll cry.

I pretty much have to watch old videos to remember Wintermuse’s vocabulary. I said above she asks for toys – she does it by going to the place they are stored and using her paws or a plaintive look to ask. She doesn’t meow. I wonder if it is because she doesn’t want Solstice to know where she is – he is her little shadow, a little brother who wants to be wherever she is.

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