Day 52: The Mysterious Tale of the Mau and the Drinking Water

Solstice and his kitty bowl

Solstice and his kitty bowl

Egyptian Maus don’t need to drink. They are desert cats and get their hydration through food. Wintermuse does not drink unless she wants to for recreational reasons. Solstice, however, loves drinking. He also loves eating. I think he just loves doing things with his mouth, frankly.

You’ll notice that this bowl has a little fish at the bottom and a little kitty perched on the side. Cute, right? I got it for $10 and half went to charity. Now, you might get the impression from this picture that he was drinking the water. Yes, he was. However, the cats virtually never do this, despite the fact Lou keeps their 3! bowls full regularly. Why?

Because they have tap water in them.

The bowl the cats prefer is a plastic tupperware I occasionally fill for them.. with Poland Springs bottled water.

Wintermuse will ONLY drink Poland Springs. In fact, she begs for it. If I have a bottle of my own, she’ll sniff at it longingly. I’ve tilted it into her mouth, and she likes it. If I put Poland Springs in one bowl and tap water in another, she will always pick PS. Solstice prefers it, too. It really annoys Lou because he goes to all the trouble of keeping their bowls full, and they ignore them, but if I get out the ‘fancy water’, they’re immediately excited. They have good taste, I guess.

More seriously, though, I believe they smell the chemicals in our tap water and are just slightly repelled by them, whereas Poland Springs smells ‘clean’ and is therefore preferable. Cats are highly sensitive to smell. I had a beta fish once, and Lou changed the water for the first time. When he put it in our tap water, the fish died. I was sad, so he got me another one as a surprise. Then he changed the water. AND IT DIED AGAIN. We live in a pretty affluent community so it’s a little disturbing.

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