Day 60: Wintermuse needs some assistance

Egyptian Mau kitten

Wintermuse as a kitten

She’s a few months old in this shot. Look how long her tail is in proportion to her body. So, you might notice she’s on a scratching post with a piece of fabric on it. This was her mega scratching post, about 2.5-3 ft high and half a foot wide. When she was a wee kitten, she wasn’t big or strong enough to haul herself to the top. It’s a smooth pane of wood with nothing to grip on, so I put my coat’s hood on the post so she had something to grab onto when she climbed. Yeah, I’m a sucker.

We now have two of these because Solstice and Winter were playing King Kong on the one we had – basically, knocking each other off all the time because they wanted to be the only tall cat in the room.


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