Day 96 and 97: Solstice and His Toys Have Lunch


Are you hungry, BunBun?

Are you hungry, BunBun?

Egyptian Mau with stuffed bunny

Let’s have lunch

Solstice will love a toy deeply and intensely for hours at a time. If a toy catches his fancy, he will chew on it until it is sopping wet and in pieces. He will put it in his ‘lair’ – a special corner of the living room – to show it is his. And he will take it to his food dish with him. I like to think he says to himself, “Toy, let’s go eat together. I don’t want you to be hungry.”

This picture features the day that Solstice’s favorite toy became a stuffed rabbit of mine called Julius BunBun. BunBun is bigger than Solstice. Yet he was still carefully dragged to the food dish so that they could eat together.

Solstice has a good heart.


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