Day 98: Sleeping on my chair

Egyptian Mau sleeping on my chair

Wintermuse sleeping on my chair

This is my desk chair. I work from home, so I am in it pretty much any time I am not in bed. I have a heated cat bed next to my desk. One cat will often sleep in there, while the other stands in front of my screen to stop me from working.

If I get up, within 10 seconds, someone will be sleeping in my chair. I have watched Wintermuse wake up from sleeping in the cat bed, stretch out, ooooooze into my chair a few inches away, and continue napping. Solstice, too. If I am gone for a few hours, they will sit in my chair to wait for me, even if Lou is readily available for hugs and play-time. They love my chair.

Now, I mentioned that it only takes 10 seconds for them to steal it. The amount of time to, say, get a drink. Then I come back and want my chair back. These kitties fix me with the saddest looks, like, “I can’t sleep in the heated cat bed, and  you won’t even let me sit on your warm, comfy chair?”

Of course, I shoo them away and sit back down.

Hahaha, who am I kidding. I stand or drag over a stool. So the Maus can enjoy my chair.

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