Egyptian Mau Store (Cute stuff!)

Here are a few things that we’ve purchased for Wintermuse from Amazon: food, toys, bedding. Amazon wouldn’t let me put all the items in a store so there are additional links below. I hope your own cat – Mau or not – enjoys them!

Please take special note of the calendar. I made it myself!

Other Items

1. Da Bird Cat Toy- ~$5

She is addicted to her feather stick. We have to not only hide it, but hide it in a bag so she can’t smell it as well through the door. She parks herself outside the room, pining for this toy. It’s crazy! We made our own refill with feathers and glue from the art store, and she loved it even more. It’s just a feather on a string but man, any playful cat would love it.

Case in point:

2. ABO Fun Tunnel – ~$40

She loves. loves. loves. her fun tunnel. We throw toys in it, and she goes nuts trying to fish them out every time. This fun tunnel made her life. I’ll post videos to YouTube of her in it.

3. Thermal Mat – ~$15

She is sleeping on this next to me right now. It’s a mat of fabric that reflects her heat back at her so she can stay warm. We combine it with the pet bed heating pad above. She gets chilly. I’m not sure if it is her or the breed. (Egypt gets pretty warm, as does India..) Bonus: the grey mat is spotted black, just like her. Camo!

4. Rainbow Snake

This is otherwise known as the Cat Dancer or Cat Charmer, but we call it the rainbow snake. It’s just a rainbow-colored felt ribbon on a stick but it makes her happy. We combine it with her fun tunnel for extra fun.

More to come! Leave suggestions for what your Egyptian Mau likes!

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