Getting a Cat

Lou and I are decidely not Judeo-Christian, so we don’t celebrate Christmas or Hannukah. Our house is completely free of decorations, trees, and candles in December, except for perhaps the wrapper of a tree-shaped peanut butter cup.

We do exchange gifts, so we refer to the holiday as Gift Day, but we usually just pick a number from 0-4 and exchange them sometime over an 8 week period. It’s meant to kept the stress down. No need to buy a million gifts or panic if they don’t arrive in time. I am also impatient and want to give and receive gifts as soon as they are delivered. 😉 I prefer it this way because when we exchange a single gift on some random night, the focus is all on that gift. There’s no long procession of items that obscures the significance of previous gifts.

So, 2010’s Gift Day proceeded the same way as the previous five. I told him I’d be giving him one small gift, one medium, one medium-small, and one large. My large gift to him was a meat sample from Kansas City Steaks.

His large gift to me was a box holding a pink kitty bed and a mechanical cat. It was silver with black stripes, green-eyes, and a collar he had made himself which said, “Hello! My name is placeholder.” (Even more thrillingly, once I put batteries in Placey, he squeaked and walked around on his own. As you may recall from my Pleo admission, I love robotic pets.)

My gift from Lou

My gift from Lou

As you have probably figured out, Placey was holding a spot for a real live kitten. A hypothetical one, but a real kitten nonetheless. He had decided that he would just deal with his allergies because I badly wanted a cat, he wanted a cat, and we were both home all the time due to freelancing, which meant we could have maximum time with a kitten, to both enjoy it and prevent it from mischief.

There was just one problem.

We didn’t have permission from the landlord for a cat.

When I pointed this out, he said he thought I had asked already. I had not, because I thought a convo that went like, “I know you’re allergic to cats, but I asked if we could have one just for the sake of knowing. This isn’t a hint at all,” might be awkward. However, the owners of our house did tell us a small cat was acceptable when we moved in, and our upstairs neighbors had a cat as well, so it wasn’t completely out of left field.

I left a note with our January 1st rent check, and they said it was alright, with the understanding we’d be responsible for any damages incurred. That was completely acceptable, so we were on our way to pet-ownerdom.


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