Introducing Solstice, Our new Egyptian Mau Kitten

Solstice Happyfeet, our Egyptian Mau Kitten

Solstice Happyfeet, our Egyptian Mau Kitten

I got another mau for Christmas. I have been wanting a second Mau for awhile, in that crazy way that women want second children. I imagined how nice it’d be to see two pairs of ears peeking out over a box, two Maus curled up on our couch, two Maus to keep each other company while we traveled internationally..

We originally discussed maybe taking on Wintermuse’s mother, Mafdet, a smoke Mau. However, Lou was always lukewarm, and we had seen how vicious Wintermuse could be when presented with other cats. Exhibit A: the time a freak snowstorm blew out our power and heat. We had to go to Lou’s parents’ house for 3 days. Wintermuse is 7 lbs, but she cornered their 15 lb Maine Coon and made him cry. She went for their Norwegian Forest Cat, too. The Animal Planet photo shoot also implied she didn’t get along well with other cats.

But we figured, Solstice is a kitten! A male kitten! He’s so small she won’t find him threatening!

Solstice was indeed the sweetest kitten when we met him. Squirmy, but always shoving his head into your hand. His father was Happyfeet, a joyous silver show-cat, and little Solstice is just as happy. He thinks everyone and everything wants to be his friend. We named him Solstice because that was the day we met him – the winter Solstice. I like the play on words because the winter Solstice is the longest and darkest day of the year, but we call him Sol because he’s a little sun in our lives. It goes well with Wintermuse. She inspires the winter, and he is its first day.

A quick programming note: where have I been?! I haven’t been posting because Wintermuse grew up and became camera shy. Whenever she sees the camera come out, she stops what she is doing immediately and/or leaves. Same with video cameras. I don’t know why.

Beyond that, I have been personally busy. I went to Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Japan, as you can see on my photography website I also wrote two novels, which you can read about at They are fantasy novels about a world ruled by Muses and Artists. There is no magic, only Art.

Egyptian Mau kitten

Solstice stands on Lou’s shoulder

Solstice, Our New Egyptian Mau Kitten

Solstice, Our New Egyptian Mau Kitten

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