Kittens need their sleep

Egyptian Mau kitten asleep in a lap

She's so tiny!

Supposedly, cats sleep 18 hours a day. I don’t know if that’s quite true, but they do sleep a lot. Wintermuse catnaps and sleeps. Being a warm weather cat, she gets cold, so her favorite sleeping spots, in order:

1) With us in bed, under the blankets

2) My laptop

3) My chair, 2 seconds after I’ve vacated it. Seriously, she could be in a dead sleep, and I could get up to get a pen on the floor, and boom! She’s in my chair, sleeping again.

Other contenders include inside Lou’s snuggie, her new thermal mat, the stuffed animal pile, and on the windowsill. Her pink cat bed is a far, far last place. Of course.

Evelyn warned me that Win loved to sleep with her, right under her chin, and boy, this is a cat that loves. to. snuggle. Not only does she love to snuggle, but she loves to be wrapped up and WARM. When we first met her, she was super-excited to meet new people, but as soon as Evelyn wrapped her in her coat, the cat’s eyes closed and she smiled. We’re talking Bruce Happycat here.

So, at bedtime, she’ll come with me, or, if she notices I’ve disappeared, she’ll come find me in the bedroom. She will nose her way under the blankets if she isn’t invited. The feline has no fear. She will burrow under multiple blankets from the head of the bed to the bottom, like a mole. She’s like Bear Grylls in a glacier, hoping she won’t run out of air before she finds an exit.

It’s amazing how comfortable she is crawling completely flat along under a giant, heavy down comforter, but whatever. She loves it. Put her under the blanket, and her purr could be mistaken for a motorboat’s engine. It’s adorable.

Now, the laptop? I work with computers all day. I have five on my desk right now – a company laptop, am ubuntu laptop for web browsing, a Windows desktop for graphics work, a Mac cube for iPhone development, and a netbook for travel. If I’m using the ubuntu laptop, she doesn’t care if I am literally staring at it, reading Hollywood gossip right that second. She will flop onto the keyboard, launch new Firefox tabs, turn on ‘careted browsing’ (what IS that?), shut down my computer, and make it only accessible to people who type slowly and are blind. Yes, really. I was in a place where keys only worked if I held them down for 10 seconds each.

Egyptian Mau kitten on a laptop

How did she turn it blue?

Above, she figured out how to invert the colors in Firefox.

She’s on my laptop right now, in fact. I’m not discouraging it, obviously. In fact, I usually put a sweater on her so she has extra heat. My company laptop is usually docked, so I put her thermal mat on top of it so she can sleep on that, too. I know. Go ahead. Cast your aspersions at me. I am ready.

But isn’t she SO cute when her mouth is open?

Egyptian Mau kitten sleeping on a laptop

Sleeping with her mouth open

I love her little vampire teeth! This is only time I’ve seen her sleep with her mouth open. By the way, that black ridge below her neck is what’s known as a ‘broken necklace’ in fur patterns.

Egyptian Mau kitten sleeping on a laptop

Sleeping on the laptop

Another angle of her asleep on my company laptop just for fun.

Egyptian Mau kitten asleep on a laptop

Asleep on the laptop

Have I ever mentioned she has spots? Oh, well, here they are. She’s an Egyptian Mau with spot, in case anyone was wondering.

(Actually, while that sounds ridiculous, Egyptian Maus have a recessive gene for a ‘classic pattern’ or, basically, a tabby. So, a silver spotted Mau like Wintermuse, or a black smoke, or a golden spotted, could potentially give birth to what would look like a normal American Short Hair – but have all the vocalizations, speed, and dog-like personality of an Egyptian Mau.)

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