More Sparkler Fun

I mentioned she loves her sparkling tinsel stick. It’s very anemic by now. I hadn’t used it with her in a few days when I took it out today. We have to  hide it because she’ll drag it out herself, so I have to consciously remember to go dig it out.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’ve read about other people suggesting that you hide or rotate cat toys so they’re ‘new’ again. She definitely does get bored of things and seems to have renewed interest if it’s slightly different or been  hidden for awhile. I saw a toy on Amazon that was essentially a box with holes in it so cats can reach in and grab things. I thought she’d like that, so, before I spent $15, I cut some holes in a cardboard box and stuck some toys in it.

This box has given us hours of entertainment. Combine it with any toy, and the toy is fun again, like it’s brand new. It’s like adding an MST track to a movie. Stick the toy in the holes, ‘hide’ her dangling toys behind the box, thread them through the holes, or even put food in there. Bonus: watching her grabby little raccoon paws dart into the darkness is pretty amusing for me as well.

There are eight raccoon paws here.

My cat looks like four raccoons sometimes.

You can see my wonderful cardboard-carving skills in the background. I like to think it’s.. rustic. Like when you drop a pizza upside down in the oven while trying to get it off the peel, and you quickly scrape it off and mash it together in a bowl and call it a pizza ball. You’ve all done that, right? Rustic improvinnovation.

Egyptian Mau kitten with tinsel toy

Win with the tinsel toy

I think the cardboard is preferable to the wooden box for another reason – she likes to chew on the cardboard edges to get her frustrations out when I don’t let her catch the toy.

Egyptian Mau kitten with tinsel toy

Incomplete pass!

Like here, when I cruelly snatched it out of her sonicpaw. Yeah, she breaks the sound barrier sometime. Or at least that’s what she tells me when I hear a crash in another room and she comes running in.

“What was that noise?”

“Mew!” [Just the sonic boom preceding my speedy arrival!]

“Don’t sonic booms happen after the object has passed?”

“Mrow?” [Can’t talk now! What’s that shiny thing over there?! ZOOOOM.]

Egyptian Mau kitten with tinsel toy

Choke hold!

Egyptian Mau kitten with tinsel toy

Nom nom nom

She has finally Tasted the Rainbow.

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