My Egyptian Mau is displeased

My Egyptian Mau is displeased.

My Egyptian Mau is displeased.

I love cats, and I love my cats. I write this blog with a golly-gee tone and a smile because I choose to.

I’ve been recently told one of my posts led to people bothering my cat breeder, asking for free kittens? That’s absurd and annoying.

I run this site, my Mau forum, my photoshoots, my Youtube channel, and everything else because I love this breed. These cats have high value in terms of beauty, companionship, and personality.

Similarly, my services – photography, design, administration, calendar printing, Q&A – also have value. When cool things happen to me, it’s because I invest a lot of time into my Maus. But you’re not me, so different rules apply.

Don’t harass my breeder. Hope we’re clear.

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