My Egyptian Mau Loves to Eat Ribbon

I went to a Rennaissance Faire once and got a circlet of dried flowers with ribbon. We hang it from the living room lamp these days. When our girl was a wee kitten, she was too small to reach them, so we’d hold her up so she could bat at them.

She loves this even as an adult. She chews on the ribbon LOUDLY. You can HEAR her. I didn’t know ribbon was CRUNCHY. So much ribbon disappears in her mouth. I pull it out, and it is soaked. It’s like she feels the need to floss her throat.

It makes her happy, though, and having activities while we hold her on her back prolongs the experience. She gets bored and squirms away unless one of a few things are happening:

1) She’s getting treats

2) She’s getting ribbons

3) She’s getting her head rubbed really hard.

The following will make her jump down faster:

1) Any toy but ribbons

2) Belly petting. I do it anyway. IT IS THE BEST PETTING. She lets me get away from it, but Lou gets .5 seconds of plushy spotted fur before she’s on the ground again.

3) Lou in general.

Wintermuse has selected me as Her Human, and there is a divide between how she treats me and how she treats Lou. She’s still sweet sometimes. She’ll go in to sleep with him after I leave for work. He can pick her up and cuddle her.

But if he picks her up and cuddles her, and I look over? Down she goes instantly. It’s like she’s afraid I’ll think she’s betrayed me by letting another human pet her. It’s kind of funny, but poor Lou got the short end of the stick here. She sasses him, she steals his things, she won’t come when he calls.

He loves to play with shoe laces because he is a bit fidgety. He had a particular, thick shoelace that was his favorite. Wintermuse also loves shoelaces, but he wouldn’t let her have this one. He would put it in a small organizer with drawers next to his computer. He would store other things in there, like feathers she wasn’t allowed to have, and the inevitable happened.

Wintermuse learned how to open drawers.

It was funny when she tried to do it when we were sitting right there. We’d close the drawer and laugh. She did it with other drawers, too. Even now, she’s extended her technique to flinging things off the counter to open them. She is a crafty kitty.

But one day, Lou woke up to find his shoelace stretched out in front of his computer. Our darling kitty had removed it and then put it where he’d see it. Hmmmmm. I’ll let you interpret that as you will.

The shoelace mysteriously disappeared a few days later. We never saw it again. I am 100% positive it is in the same place as all her other ‘missing’ toys that we can’t find.

So, that’s their relationship. Slightly antagonistic. Maybe it’s because he is the one to clip her claws every month? Nah. I’ve read elsewhere that Egyptian Maus tend to pick one person to be The One for them so I don’t think it’s him. I think these wonderful animals are incredibly loyal, as loyal as a dog, but maybe only have room for one “Master”.

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