One of these things is not like the others

We’re going to take a break from serious and informative stuff for a little game. Your job is to find the living thing in this picture.

Egyptian Mau hiding in a pile of stuffed animals

Look harder.

Yes, she’s in there. She decided to cuddle with our stuffed animals on her very first night with us. If you’re wondering, the big floppy thing on the left is the Gingerbread Man from Shrek. Yes, she loves his shiny gingerbread buttons and attacks them. You know what he says. You know it.


Egyptian Mau cuddling with stuffed animals

Cuddling with her hedgehog

She is hugging our little stuffed hedgehog. It’s pretty sweet. She actually has taken to burying herself under the pile, because she is cold, and its dark. Egyptian Maus prefer warmer climates, and even though we keep our house at 70-74, she is still chilly.

Either that, or she is a ninja, and this is part of her training.

Egyptian Mau in a pile of stuffed animals

Back at it a few days later

My heat theory is why I gave her my grey sweater when I saw her in the pile. Yes, I’m a sucker. A chilly one, because it was the sweater I was wearing.

Sleeping Egyptian Mau

Close-up sleepy shot, surrounded by plush!

She is actually sleeping in the stuffed animals right this second. She usually prefers to sleep with us, either on my laptop (hot), my lap (warm), or in Lou’s blanket (warm), but if she wants ‘alone time’, she’ll pick the couch.

Sometimes we lose her. We’ll go out or be eating dinner, and when we finish and look for her, she’s nowhere to be found. We’ll look for her under the couch, the only hiding space she ever stays in for any period of time, but lately, we find her so deeply buried in her stuffed animals that she doesn’t hear us, and we can’t see her.

I have more photos of this strange burrowing but I’m holding them for another post because they’re even cuter.

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