Solstice and Wintermuse, Fire and Ice

I promised a post about the cats and their personalities.

They are polar opposites.

Wintermuse, our ice princess, is meticulous, anxious, intelligent, and jealous. Solstice, our sunny prince, is messy, carefree, obedient, and flexible.

Graceful silver Egyptian Mau

Wintermuse is forever graceful

Two silver Egyptian Maus

Solstice photobombing Wintermuse a minute later

He’ll always come when called. I didn’t think cats did that. She does what she wants. Sometimes, when we lean down to pet her, she’ll actually rear away from our hands. Everything is on her terms.

He is very responsive to English at this stage in his kittenhood, whereas I am certain she understands English but delights in disregarding it.

He can’t always figure out his litterbox – he’ll get out and scratch at the floor instead of the litter, then walk away without covering anything. He doesn’t understand that the scratching has a purpose. This really makes her mad – she is so particular about burying she will spend a lot of time digging the perfect spot, sniffing, burying more, etc. Sometimes she will bury his droppings for him in aggravation.

He grooms in random swirls at random intervals. She grooms constantly and perfectly. Sometimes, he does such a bad job grooming that she hate-grooms him.

If she hears a loud noise, she flees. If he hears one, he is interested.

When he wants to wake me up for food, he’ll shove his face into mine over and over and smear his wet nose all over me while purring. She’ll chirp instead and hit my face with her paw. They both want the same thing, but she’s a lady and he’s a puppy.

When I am preparing food, she will sit next to my cutting board and patiently wait to see if she gets any. He is so food-addicted he has clawed through treat bags, donut bags, and matza sleeves.

Solstice in the chair of doom

Solstice in the chair of doom

She’s so smart she has figured out the dials and the sliders on her cat-food-puzzle. He’s so not-smart that there’s a chair he’s afraid of. Yes, a chair. We got a new rattan chair from Pier 11 that is now Wintermuse’s throne. For some reason, its plush material scares him. We think he thinks it is water because it has swirly grey fabric. He will not stand on it, and perhaps uncoincidentally, she likes to sleep there where she can be alone. This pains him. He’ll lean over the chair longingly, staring at her, but he is too afraid to step on it. When we put a blanket on it, he’ll step on that without a problem and lay next to her, but he will never venture onto the plush.

He’s very sweet. He sits on laps, sleeps on my chest, and purrs just to hear my voice. It’s adorable. She’s aloof. And still mad we got another cat.

She’s getting better, though. She is talking a little bit again. There is some purring. She doesn’t greet me at the door like she used to, and she usually jumps down when I try to hold her, but she stood in front of my computer while I worked today, just like old times. I don’t know if she is forgiving or forgetting. I miss her affection.


Oops, they're fighting

Oops, they’re fighting

Egyptian Mau kitten laying down

Solstice, at rest for once

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