Solstice loves to play

They say that human babies only need four things: to be kept fed, warm, safe, and changed.

Egyptian Mau kittens also need four things: fed, warm, busy, and litterboxed.

Solstice is 5 months old now, born about 8 days before my birthday this past August. (Wintermuse was born one day after Louis’s birthday, for the record.) He is a ball of energy. He steamshovels Royal Canin kibble into his mouth whenever possible, sucking it up with such fervor that he will eat while laying across my arm like a purse. And then he runs. And pounces. And bats.

We have a house full of toys, of course. He came with a cute feather ball, thanks to Evelyn, his breeder. We bought him a feather stick.

Egyptian Mau with Stick

Solstice with his feather stick

Well, the feather stick now has no feathers. And the feather ball has been replaced with a much lower-technology toy: a beach-themed pillow tied to a shoelace. This is his security blanket. He carries it everywhere. If we throw it, he will fetch it. He will play with the pillow end. He will play with the dangle end. He will play with it tied to anything.

The pillow isn’t even filled with catnip. There is nothing special about it, but it is his Favorite Thing.

Egyptian Mau Kitten with Toy

Solstice and his little pillow

It’s fascinating to me to observe how similar Solstice is to Wintermuse as a kitten. She had to be introduced to her own Favorite Thing, a crinkle mouse, before she started fetching as a kitten. Then after a few months, she abruptly stopped with only a few regressions. It’s like growing upĀ  made her forget to bring the toy back. I imagine it’ll be the same with Solstice. They both also share a love of what we call ‘bead time’. I will try to get a video of it. It involves a ceiling fan.

For now, here is a video of Solstice rolling around on our couch as Wintermuse stalks him from afar.

And more pictures!

Egyptian Mau Kitten Solstice Playing

Solstice Playing on the Couch


Egyptian Mau Kitten Solstice Playing

Solstice Playing

Egyptian Mau Kitten Solstice Playing

Solstice Playing


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