Wintermuse and Solstice, together forever

See, we're friends, I swear.

See, we’re friends, I swear.

I haven’t posted much lately; another website (.info) stole my entire website here.. my posts, my images, etc and mirrored it as their own. I had to disable the sharing of pictures. I tried to file a DMCA copyright takedown but since they are in a foreign country, nothing was going to happen anyway. Bummer.

In late August, Solstice turned 1! He’s still a little low-rider. He was the runt of his litter, and I don’t think he’ll ever be as ‘tall’ as Wintermuse, though they weigh about the same. He is still kitten-sweet and kitten-clumsy, licking my face every morning, falling off the windowsill, and not understanding how the litter box works. When it comes time to bury his deposits, he paws at the empty air in front of him and walks away. He just doesn’t get it – and probably never will. It’s okay. We love him anyway.

He sits with Lou at 7:00 PM every night to watch Jeopardy from his lap. At 7:30 or so when we eat dinner, he is also in Lou’s lap. Around 4 AM, he’s purring in my face, demanding breakfast. At 4 PM, he’s winding in front of my computer, licking my fingers, purring like no one’s business. Such a wonderful creature.

It’s been 9 full months since he came into our home. Wintermuse and Solstice still fight every day, more than once, but she’s warmed up to us. In recent days, especially, it’s like a switch was flipped; she lets me carry her, she chirps at me in the morning, she plays. For a long time, she would only watch if we played with Solstice, hanging back as we dragged the feather stick across the floor. Gradually, this summer, she started darting in, playing with the stick, then fleeing. At times, they even played with opposite ends. Now Solstice lets her have her ‘turn’, and she jumps and bats, while he chases the toy on the floor.

We had a bit of a health scare with her late this winter. She had to go on steroids to treat persistent coughing. The steroids did not completely heal her, but helped significantly. When the weather got a little wet again, or she played in something dusty, she would cough once more.

Then Solstice began to cough. Our little six month baby. I decided it had to be something in our house. We started brushing Solstice – Wintermuse never allowed it, but he loves it -, we got rid of as much dust as possible, we de-molded the bathroom (long story), and I got two mega air purifiers, one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

It helped. I can count on one hand how many times they have coughed since we got the second air purifier. Worth every penny.

So Wintermuse is playful and friendly again. Solstice is his sweet, princely self. Everyone is healthy. My cats are happy. It’s wonderful. There are about 120 days left in the year. I have queued up 120 photos and videos to be posted every day until 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

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