Wintermuse is now meowing on YouTube

I’ve been busy with work recently so I haven’t posted many pictures, but I have created 10 videos of our little princess. Here are a few of her mewing. Egyptian Maus, like Siamese cats, are ‘vocal’. If you have a normal cat that mews sometimes, you’re probably not sure what that means.

It means that your Mau will tell you every. single. thought. that comes into her head.

Yes, really. She grunts in frustrated, meow-clicks like a metronome to wake you up, whimpers when she’s been bad, does a mrrr sound when she’s feeling conversational, yowls when no one pays attention to her, chitters when there are bugs she wants to catch, and then there’s a ‘mreh’ sound that I can’t figure out.

I mentioned bugs. She loves to catch insects, and it’s such a stimulating activity that her vocabulary expands instantly. There are noises she makes no other time. We heard something we swear sounded like chuckling the other day.


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