Wintermuse loves to eat her icecream.. and her spoon

Other people have observed that Egyptian Maus love to eat. Wintermuse sure loves food.. but doesn’t necessarily love eating.

She wants everything we are having. Cereal, pasta, meat, icecream, vegetables. If it goes into our mouth, she wants it. In fact, I use this to train her to do tricks. If she’s refusing to do something, I’ll put my hands to my mouth like I am eating something, then hold the hand above wherever I want her to jump. She always falls for it!

However, even if she wants the chance to eat our food, she doesn’t actually eat it. She’ll smell it. She’ll lick it. She might put it in her mouth. But if it doesn’t meet some special test for her, she’ll spit it back out or bat it around. No matter how many times I remind her that she does not want noodles, we’ll go through this. Every time we get Chinese food, I find fried noodles on the ground. Same with pretzels, cereal, etc.

Of course, milk and meat are an entirely different story. 😉 Here’s a video combining two of her favorite things: spoons and icecream.

She loves plastic spoons. She bats them around for hours. She has a bit of an oral fixation and loves to chew on them. It’s pretty cute. We give her a little lick of icecream but that’s it – I am sure half the things in there are not good for her, and we try to be extremely careful about what ends up in her mouth. If there is even a chance that something has garlic, tomatoes, or chocolate in it, she doesn’t get it. (Nor does she seem to want it.. when we eat pasta for dinner, she doesn’t stare at us longingly, whereas stir fry with meat will definitely get her attention. She only loves dried pasta so she can bat it around.)

Speaking of dinner, we have a small glass table with two chairs. She likes to sit in our laps while we eat and stare at our forks. She looks sooo sad and paws at the fork but never actually touches it. She wants it so badly but knows better. It’s like the above video. We recently put a tv-dinner table next to the dining room table so that Lou had a place to put pizza boxes, and I had an ironing surface. It’s her new perch for dinner.

She’ll sit on her little table and watch us eat. She’ll reach out her paw longingly, but then drop it. She’ll start to step on the table, but she knows she’s not allowed, so her little paw wavers above it, then retracts. It’s sooo cute. She wants so bad to be a good kitty, but watching us eat makes her so hungry! It’s endearing to know she understands the rules and that they override her instincts. Sometimes she tries to chew on the eating implement to get out her frustration but usually she won’t even go that far.

We sometimes give her a little taste of meat for her trouble. Never at the table, though. Lou will cut up a few tiny, tiny pieces of chicken, then we’ll bring her over to the scratching posts and use them to train her. We basically want her to know she has to work for it so she doesn’t get too spoiled. As a result, she understands ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ and ‘Climb’. She’ll beg, too, but what cat doesn’t? 😛 I’ve been trying to teach her to Sit but I don’t think it is sinking in.


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