Wintermuse’s sleeping problems

Egyptian Mau kitten is sleepy

Soo sleepy

That’s a cute photo, right? It’ll be drawing close to 4 weeks that she’s been in our care. She started off by sleeping in my lap, and sometimes in the stuffed animals, and sometimes in Lou’s blanket pouch. Now, she’ll only sleep on my laptop. She hasn’t slept in my lap or with Lou for weeks. We’ll see if her stuffed animal burrowing also dies off.

She’ll come with us to bed, though. She likes to sleep when I do, specifically. If she notices I am gone, she will race down the hallway to the bedroom to come to bed with me. It’s sweet.

The problem is that she doesn’t like to wake when I do. Egyptian Maus are ‘vocal’, and I need to fully express that that means they meow at you every time they have a need. Every thought, desire, and dissatisfaction is chirped, meowed, purred, or thrummed. I don’t think she ever has a thought she keeps to herself. Even the ones where she tells me I’m not her real mom.

This has manifested… unpleasantly. Recently, around 4-6 AM every day, Wintermuse will wake up and start chirping. They are small meows of all the same pitch that sound bird-like. I have video of this to demonstrate it better, and video of her stuffed animal shenanigans, too, that I’m trying to edit. The problem is that her noises are often kind of cute and pathetic, and I ruin both videos with my constant ‘awws’.

So, she starts chirping, and she won’t quit. She is unrelenting. She’s like an alarm clock, except no one wants to be awake at this forsaken hour. A jungle metronome. She will meow right in our ears, walking all over us, going back and forth to see which one of us will give her attention. She even sticks her nose in Lou’s mouth. Homegirl is determined.

We throw her off the bed. She comes back up. Over and over, we try this. Eventually, EVENTUALLY, she gives up. We assumed she was hungry a few nights, so one of us would get up and feed her to give the other person some peace. I tried feeding her before bed one night, and the robo-kitty routine actually started even earlier.

Last night, she started in at 6 AM, and I got up, showed her her food bowl with dry food – which she almost never eats -, showed her her litter box in case she had to use it, threw a toy at her in the living room that she didn’t want to play with, picked her up, walked her around, and went back to bed.

And she followed me in and went right back to sleep.

Just.. what? I can’t even…? No food, no box, no playing occurred. I just got up and walked to the living room with her. And that was enough to quiet her. What the hell?

I would really prefer it if her capricious cat nature was not dictating my sleeping schedule.

Some photos of the good old days.

Egyptian Mau kitten hiding in a pile of stuffed animals

Hiding in the pile

Yes, those grey things are giant cat paws. Lou made them for me for the holidays, because we celebrate them eccentrically. He sewed them for me by paw (har har) based on a scene in Bleach, an anime we like. A little girl character puts on big whompy cat paws and fishes koi out of the compound of a very traditional and uptight character.

Egyptian Mau kitten peaking out of stuffed animals

Peaking out

Close up!

Egyptian Mau kitten hiding under the gingerbread man

Hiding under the gingerbread man

She buried herself more deeply in this instance. This was one of the cases where we couldn’t find her until she mewed.

Egyptian Mau kitten is sleepy on a dragon

Sleepy on a dragon

It’s a dragon from Ikea called a Minnen Drake. I love Ikea. 99 cent hot dogs, cinnamon buns, and bizarre stuffed animals is practically a carnival, right? If you count the long carts in the warehouse, Ikea even has rides.

Egyptian Mau curled up with her hedgehog

Curled up with her hedgehog

This is rare photographic evidence that she can sleep in a location that is not artificially warmed (my laptop), naturally warmed (my chair), or wall-to-wall plush.

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